Company Strategic objectives

Strategic objectives


Strategic objectives of Estonian Railways Ltd can be split into three groups: public interests, strategic business objectives, and financial objectives.


Objectives of public interests

Objectives arising from public interest add extra value to state as the owner of railways, as appears from national transport development plan. Objectives of public interests comprise both national and international railway connection and assuring safety on railways, crossings and during the transport of hazardous materials.


Business objectives

The strategic goal of Estonian Railways is to guarantee an adequate railway connection between harbours and 1520 mm railway network. The priority objective of Estonian Railways is assuring maximum traffic management capacity and fast wagon circulation within railway infrastructure. For supporting the transit sector and maintaining its competitive qualities three aspects must be taken care of - price, speed and certainty.


Financial objectives

For smooth operation of railway infrastructure continuous investments are required. As a business corporation, Estonian railways must first and foremost follow the sustainability principle and find opportunities for maintaining investing powers.